All information For The Parents

Rules for LC

    • Parents should apply in writing for L.C.
    • Minimum 04 working days will be required to process application for school leaving certificate.
    • School leaving certificate will be issued only after all the dues are cleared for the quarter during which school leaving certificate is being issued
    • Any midterm withdrawal of student demands full payment of till date Quarterly Fee.
    • Any fee paid for a particular student is not adjustable with any other student.
    • All disputes are subject to Jamnagar Jurisdiction only.
  • Withdrawal of Student

    • Withdrawal of a student is possible with prior intimation of 30 days.

    • The Transfer Certificate will be issued only when the account is settled fully

    Long Leave of Students

      • A student can take long leave from school only with prior approval from school authorities subject to minimum attendance. If student takes long leave and falls short of minimum attendance of 75%, she/he will not be eligible for final exam and may be asked to repeat the class, as learning remains incomplete.

      • Parents need to pay all applicable school fees for the notice period in case of withdrawal of student on long leave.

    Code of Conduct

    The following undesirable behavior/repeated indispline will lead to serious consequences even leading to expulsion, if not corrected.

    • Damaging school furniture, fixtures / building or things belonging to others.
    • Writing or drawing anything on the walls / school furniture / library books.
    • Indulging in uncivilized behavior or using abusive language.
    • Bringing costly or undesirable articles to school like CDs, Video Cassettes, Cameras, Cell Phones, Smart Watches, etc.
    • Scribbling or writing anything on the school uniform.
    Disciplinary Systems: It is must for everyone that any Mistake/s can happened, the following Disciplinary action can taken by Organization:
    • Counseling
    • Oral Warning
    • Written Warning
    • Fine/Penalties
    • Expulsion from Organization
    • Bullying or using any form of physical / emotional violence against a fellow student or any member of the staff.
    • Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another within or near the school premises.
    • Using unfair means during a test / examination.
    • Indulging in any misbehavior / misdeed directly or online which could be derogatory for the institution or any person.

    Request to Parents


    • To closely monitor their ward’s progress by checking the school almanac everyday and paying attention to their punctuality, discipline and submission of school assignments.

    • To encourage their ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.

    • To inform the school immediately if there is any change in address, telephone numbers

    • To ensure that their ward does not bring expensive items, electronic items, cell phones etc. or large sum of money to school. The school bags should be randomly checked to ensure the same.

    • To restrict pocket money to a minimal. Excessive spending in school should be discouraged.

    • To explain to the child the need to look after his/her belongings. The school does not accept responsibility for any item lost in school. All articles belonging to the child should have identification details.

    • To ensure that their ward is in proper school uniform. No fancy jewellery like danglers, trinkets, studs etc. should be worn by girls/boys.

    • To ensure that their ward does not wear/carry smart watch to school.

    • To keep leave for half a day to a minimal as far as possible. In case of an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal / Vice Principal/ Headmistress and the Class Rep/ Class Teacher.

    • To ensure that during their ward’s absence from school, work done in the class is made up for.

    • To provide a supportive value-based environment to their ward at home. Using discretion and parental judgement, keep track of their ward’s mental health and emotions.

    • To monitor the internet sites being visited by their ward and limit Television viewing to appropriate programmes and duration.

    • contact school to discuss and decide a plan of action to handle the difficulties (academic as well as behavioral) of their ward and to seek guidance. Your letters will be replied to after discussion with the concerned teachers.

    • to ensure that their ward appears for all tests as per the schedule given in the Almanac. In case the child is unable to take the examination, prior intimation must be given to the Class Teacher in writing.

    • To discourage their ward from taking additional leave before the commencement of examinations.