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Dear Parents and Students,
Jamnagar is considered to be Choti Kashi not only for number of Temples it has but also for its ethos, values and spiritual life-style. A true educational institution should help children not only shine academically but also groom them to take new challenges of the 21st Century head on.

"Keeping balance" for young minds have become difficult and a great concern for the parents due to rapidly developing technology. True education cannot be judged from it's result alone but how effectively moral values have been instilled in them. Mindless limitation of the western culture has distanced our young children from our Indian values. Thus, we need such institution which can help child learn every possible modern education but without sacrificing the high moral values. Pranami Global School is a visionary step in this direction.

Kiran V Chaubey,
Principal, Pranami Global School


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About PGS Sports

Sports/NCC/PT/Yoga/Study and Exploration tours : It will be our endeavor to encourage students to participate in sports activities. We wish to have NCC unit in future along with periodic study/exploration tours and excursion so that student get best exposure and learn about the ever developing world. Apart from physical fitness, we emphasize on mental growth, as it is one of the success factors of life. Emotional stability can be brought in students through counselling and guidance. Experts in the field are engaged to help students learn from the very beginning.

About PGS Skills

Life Skills and Personality Development : World Health Organization has stressed the need for learning essential life skills. Life skills help child for being adaptive and learn positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively the demands and challenges of everyday life. Students are prepared for SOCIAL or INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (Communication Skills, Assertive Skills, Cooperation & Empathy) COGNITIVE SKILLS (Viz. Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Self Awareness) and EMOTIONAL SKILLS (Viz. Managing Stress and Emotions, Resisting Peer Pressure) .


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