About PGS

Pranami Global School (PGS) is one of Fastest Growing Organization to be Centres of Excellence for Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Congenital Development of pupils in Jamnagar. These distinct features make PGS to be a prime selection of every parent for their children


Pranami Global School (PGS) is one of Fastest Growing Organization to be Centres of Excellence for Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Congenital Development of pupils in Jamnagar. These distinct features make PGS to be a prime selection of every parent for their children are as:

  • Located in Heart of the City,

  • Prime Location with large campus,

  • Good communication to Bus-stand, Railway and Airport,

  • Symbolizes a greater vision and a life experience,

  • Designed to Breathe Life into Education,

  • Emphasis on Key Competencies (Overall development and Character Building),

  • Qualified, Trained and Well-experienced Educators and Staff,

  • Customized Teaching,

  • Affordable School Fees (Approved by FRC),

  • Deal with Behaviour Problem of Children,

  • Life Skills and Morality based Curriculum

  • Tie-up with Globally Recognized Institutions,

  • Co-Scholastic Activities,

  • Scholarship for scholar students,

  • Completely non-profit Organization

Genesis of PGS

Shri Pranami School with 1500 students and 50 Educators is one of the most prestigious co-educational school in the vicinity of Jamnagar. It not only provides the Academic Education but also provides the spiritual environment for students. It provides a complete and contemporary educational experience in field of knowledge for today’s child. The school offers CBSE and GSEB in a comprehensive learning environment, with personal freedom and a wide range of academic and non-academic activities. Life and learning in PGS is a commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, art, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, community service and spiritual growth. The vertical growth of inner-self and the horizontal growth of outer-life through education is the prime objective of this Institute.

The School is equally committed to the under-represented and less-privileged segments of the population, such as gifted applicants whose parents could not attend the school, and children with high potential, facing difficulties in financial circumstances. In other words, children belonging to every strata of society are given the opportunity to study here. The school, does not in any way, discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, caste or creed, in the implementation of its admission policy. PGS always committed to provide over all knowledge and wisdom holistically to the students for creating a healthy, literate and cultured society. It has been grown up gradually from Pre Primary section to Std.12 by addition of one class each year. The glorious Silver Jubilee celebration of Shri Pranami School was held on Feb 19, 2012.

The genesis of Shri Pranami School dates back to 1987 under the aegis of Shri Pranami Educational Organization (a group of Educational institutions and Gurukul) founded by Jagadguru Acharya Shri 108 Dharmdasji Maharaj, the founder of the school. Shri Pranami Educational Organization is managed by Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham-Khijada Mandir and Nijanand Siskha Sansthan, Jamnagar-Gujarat under the able and holy guidance of present HDH Jagadguru Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamani Maharajshri. The school was started with the aim to impart religious and spiritual-based academic education, where there was very little scope for Academic education for the children in Jamnagar. No other School in the history of Jamnagar has such a glorious past and hope for the future under the good and adverse situations.

The School has produced luminaries in every walk of life, be in Education, Sports, Politics, Beauracracy, or any other field, despites have made their presence felt. This Organization has various sections such as

(I) Teaching and Training Division

(II) Examination Section

(III) Correspondence Courses

(IV) Nijanand Research Center

(IV) Pranami Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya

(VI) Taratam Mahavidyalaya

(VII) Various Training Camps, Discourses, Conferences, Lectures, Seminars, and

(VIII) Scholars’ Meet. It also runs

(IX) Shri Pranami Bal Mandir

(X) Shri Pranami Vidya Mandir

(XI) Shri Pranami High School

(XII) Shri Pranami Higher Secondary School

(XIII) Nijanand Computer Center

(XIV) Nijanand Gurukul for uplifting and spreading of Academic Education as well as Nijanand Sampradaya for holistic life and living of mankind in society.

Mission Statement

Provide Quality Education, Provide knowledge with Sacraments, Support Students for self Stable, Practical & Activity Based Education, Support our Culture.

Our mission is to continue and enhance that commitment by providing an environment that will nurture and enhance the special academic talents of the students. We committed to provide high-quality education within an international, inquiring and supportive environment. Our educational heritage is deeply rooted in the tradition of Ancient and Modern Methodology. This has been the foundation of our educational success and must remain the cornerstone of our educational program. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, friendly and child-centered environment where students are inspired to become lifelong learners. Within this context, the goal of this institution is to instill the intellectual, moral and humanistic values with necessary skills for each child to achieve his/her maximum potential as a student and as a responsible global citizen of the world.


To provide comprehensive, quality, and skill-based education. We utilized modern technology in every stream of Education.We empower and inspire one another to take thoughtful action.Our aim is for happy children who love coming to school to learn and be challenged, using high expectations for all within a caring and inspiring environment.We will teach them the importance of these values to help support them to become brilliant young people.

Both students and teachers are tolerant and understanding, towards the needs and rights of others around them. Our school community is open-minded and inclusive, with cooperation being valued over competition.Everyone is reliable and responsible for their actions.
Staff and students are considerate, kind, respectful and supportive towards each other.
The teaching offers a high quality of education, where the students strive to do their best. Our school community supports the staff and students equally.


We aim to maintain a school ethos of excellence in teaching, achievement, innovation, and self-improvement within a supportive, healthy and secure environment. Our goal is to deliver a balanced and holistic education program based on the Finnish education system and its goals. We plan to integrate technology as part of the educational process, to deliver enriching extra-curricular opportunities for the students, and to heighten student awareness and engagement through social, environmental and intercultural activities. Our objective is to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff. This will ensure wise and effective school governance with a financially stable and operationally efficient organization. We aspire to engage parents, and both the local and global communities as our school develop and grows over time.


Nijanand Siskhan Sansthan, Jamnagar firmly believe that “Education Is Not Preparation For Life; Education Is Life Itself”.

  • Our goal is to develop our students to be true global citizens who would stand by their own in the diverse and multicultural society.

  • Our ideal and enthusiastic teachers would inspire our children and nurture them to achieve excellence. They would achieve leadership skill, confidence self-esteemed, cultured and obliged to the nature.

  • Our Programs would include small robust class sizes, year round enrichment programs, international education, spiritual developmental program, skills and morality development curriculum to support academic excellence as well as personality development.

  • Our Amenities will be active, current, hygienic, green and secure.

  • Our Management and Leadership would reveal transparency, accountability, compassion, fearlessness and love to all.

  • Let us create our school a happy, family orientated, child focused place of excellence, where everyone can recognize and achieve their full potential in all areas of their development.

Founders Message

Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level: Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

This beautiful and profound statement encapsulates the value and purpose of Education. Nothing on earth can uplift or free our spirit in quite the same manner as education does.Not long ago, education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught.  Today education is much more than that – after all, if it is just knowledge that you are after, there is enough of it on the World Wide Web. But many schools and colleges of today make a difference when it comes to imparting meaningful education.

Our objective to establish Pranami Global School is to provide world class education at affordable cost. The purpose is not only to provide best education but to inspire individuals’ inner power to awaken their being as global personalities. We believe that the education does not have worth if it will not carry the values of life therefore our aim to provide value based education with spiritual insights.It is with immense pride that I say that our school fraternity believes in fostering creativity, individuality and leadership, living up to the school motto “Truth is God”. Education is not just preparation for life, Education is life itself. With its highly qualified dedicated teaching faculty, modern infrastructure and emphasis on holistic development, I am sure that the school will continue achieving better results in the years to come.

Principal's Message

Principal, PGS

Welcome to Pranami Global School where our students thrive in an environment of collective pride and achievement. PGS provides an enriching education that commences with Foundation (Pre Primary) to Secondary Level. We ensure a secure, emotionally safe and welcoming environment for all our Students, Educators, Staff, Visitors and Parents. Children are engaged and challenged in wonderfully bright and stimulating learning areas with classes led by a team of teaching professionals.

The school currently has an enrolment of around 350 students. Each area of the school is overseen by a team leader and teachers work in small teams to plan and implement curriculum. Our classrooms and teaching spaces are modern, large and extremely well equipped and resourced. We have dedicated rooms to support our expanding curriculum. Our students have a vast lush green play ground for delightfulness.

PGS is a school dedicated to providing the best learning opportunities for each and every student. School Council, Parent’s Association and Staff are committed to providing the environment and resources that will empower all of our students with the skills and social competencies that will enable them to flourish as they grow up in this new century. We are committed to continuing the school’s tradition of providing excellence for all. We offer a curriculum that is both innovative and comprehensive. Our focus on high achievement is unrelenting. We hold the expectation that all our students will achieve high levels of Literacy, Moral Ethics and Life Skills upon completion of their educational journey with us.

The ongoing development of children with strong abilities is actively managed within the classroom with the inclusion of programs that provide opportunities for challenge and extension.

Pranami Global School has access to innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Our classrooms also have access to a range of ICT equipment to enhance learning, including interactive SMART boards, notebook and desktop computers.  A fully equipped computer lab is also a feature of our ICT program across the whole school. In coming future we are planning for Video Conferencing of experts from around the Country and Abroad for better perspective of students.

We encourage all parents and guardians to take an active role in the education of their child. PGS welcomes parent involvement in school activities.

I would like to invite all who would like to visit our school to contact me to arrange a time for a personal tour. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you our wonderful school.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hearty welcome to our school.


Pranami Global School, Jamnagar

Governing Body


 HDH Shri 108 Krishnamaniji Maharajshri: He is the present torch bearer of Shri Krishna Pranami Sampradaya. Pranami Religion became well-known all over India and abroad under his able guidance. Under his able guidance, Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham has been recognized as one of the important religious institute, which works with determination for the promotion of Indian culture and religion in India and aboard. To provide International based Education for Overall Development of Children, Pranami Global School established by Him at Jamnagar in 2016 through by Shri Nijanand Sikshan Sansthan. He is the President of PGS.

Pandit Amritrajji Sharma: He is the Trustee of Pranami Global School. He is an Eminent Scholar in Pranami Sampradaya.

Dr. Jogin H. Joshi: He is Trustee of Pranami Global School and MBBS by Profession.

Shri Dilipbhai S. Ashar: He is the Trustee of Pranami Global School. He is an Eminent Academician in Jamnagar.

Dr. P.  C. PARIKH: He is the Vice President (Academic) Cum Trustee of Pranami Global School. He is an eminent historian, specialised in old religious scripts. He authored many books.

SHRI LAXMANDEVJI MAHARAJ: He is a Sanskrit scholar. He is an effective speaker, orator and an anchor. He is having deep knowledge of religion and travelled many countries.

SHRI CHANDAN SAURABH MAHARAJ: He is a religious saint and a good orator.

Affiliation and Curriculum


Pranami Global School is a co-educational English Medium School affiliated with CBSE Board vide Affiliation No: 430428. The goal of the school is to provide holistic education and circulate the best standards of learning among children, with excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. Focus is given to individual potential and each student is believed to be unique. The method of teaching is child-oriented and the learning atmosphere is warm and friendly. Inculcating values through various practices help to mould the children into responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Our curriculum, centered on the Syllabus prescribed by the NCERT/CBSE, focuses on the individual needs of learners. We wish to nurture global citizens of the 21st century, who will be alert and responsive to vital issues in their own time and space.