About Us

Dear Parents and Students,

Jamnagar is considered to be Choti Kashi not only for the number of Temples it has but also for its ethos, values and spiritual lifestyle. A true educational institution should help children not only shine academically but also groom them to take new challenges of the 21st Century head on. Visit Pranami Global School once and find what actually it is...

Pranami Global School is a leading school in the city of Jamnagar and well know in Gujarat as well as outside the state due to its charitable and quality work for our growing youngster. We focus on those activities which in long term will have very effective impact to the students. Whatever all the school performs like meditation, yoga, other activities etc PGS also perform but PGS is only the school which has implement the following points strictly: -

1) Respect your food. Our children pray to their god and say thank you for the delicious food before they eat it. The vibration which his/her mother pour in the same meal will multiply with millions time and it becames a prasad. They are tought to take that prasad completely.

2) Karate for self defence. We have Karate classes from standard 1 and above. The only logic behind this class is to make our students self dependent(with self defence) in any part of the world they go.

3) Skating. We also have a skating class from standard 1st onwards. We believe that practicing of skating will improve the concentration level of the students.

4) Life Skill and Values. Pranami Global School is only a school which has design a special life sill and values course. We believe in practical based education.

5) Respect your elders. Our culture teach ur to respect our elders and same teach to our students.